Application Design / Brand Identity / Logo Design / Marketing Campaign Concepts / UX / UI

A multi-device social media platform and marketing campaign to encourage people to share ideas, ask questions and have debates on local issues.

iPhone wireframe

Wireframes for phone app UX.

Mooted iPad

Landscape tablet app UI.

Mooted MacBook wireframe

Laptop website wireframe UX.

Mooted iPad wireframe

Portrait tablet app wireframe UX.

Mooted Shortcut Icon 1

Icon construction follows Apple’s grid.

iPhone Home Screen Icon

App icon on iPhone home screen.

Mooted Shortcut Icon 3

Final rendered app icon.

Campaign posters using local people with ideas and concerns about the local area.

Mooted Poster
Mooted Poster
Mooted Poster
Mooted Poster
Mooted Beer on Matt

Campaign beer mats to extend conversations in a real social setting.

Mooted Beer Mats

Final logo, rendered in app section colourways.

Mooted Black

Mooted Sketch 1

Early logo concept sketches.

Mooted 'M' Typo detail
Mooted 'M' Typo detail
Mooted 'M' Typo detail

Upper case ‘M’ customisation.

Mooted 'O' Typo detail
Mooted 'O' Typo detail
Mooted 'O' Typo detail
Mooted 'O' Typo detail

Lower case ‘o’ customisation.


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