Design & Development Services

18 years of expertise and innovation in digital communications

How do we help communicate your organisation’s message effectively?

By using strategic thinking, good design, and delivery through the right channels.

Our process

We are your partner. We strive to understand your organisation and work side-by-side with your team, from project conception to completion. We use an agile process that helps streamline design & development, and provides rapid results to meet clients’ needs.

Quality is a part of every step in the development process. A combination of automated tests and continuous reiteration drives our quality assurance.


Periscope is a creative agency that uses strategic thinking and good design to strengthen our clients’ brands by improving their communications and enhancing their customers’ experiences. Our clients range from globally recognised brands to innovative start-ups, and include The National Trust, British Library, BBC Active, Pearson, Friends of the Earth, Cambridge University Press, HSBC, and many more.


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