Thames Park

Logo / Identity Design / Environment Graphics

Brand identity for a new school, using the local area as inspiration and celebration we set out to create a contemporary design within the boundaries of a traditional school shield symbol.

Environment Graphics Concept Art

School building concept with environment graphics and logo applied.

For the identity design concept, we took 4 notable elements from the local area and represented each one as a simple graphic, abstract shape.


Ripples in the Thames water and mud banks.

Green Belt

Local parks and green belt areas.


The industrial landscape along the Thames and local areas.


Local agricultural heritage and wheat fields.


Forming a shield from the graphic elements creates a symbol that communicates a traditional school badge whilst remaining contemporary.


Square version of the logo.


School house tie colours, in line with 4 identity colours.

Embroidered Logo Single Colour

Single colour thread embroidered logo.


Campus signage.

Using the graphic elements as a patten we can extend the brand identity across various visual touchpoints in creative ways.


The logo is constructed in a precise way, all measurements are based on the negative space between the elements of the shield symbol which is referred to as ‘x’.

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