Job Tracking & CRM System

UX / UI / Icon Design / User and Customer Profiling / Touchpoint Audit / Customer Journey Mapping / Prototyping / User Testing / Visualisation / Development

Cloud based, multi-device, job tracking and CRM system for admin staff, in-the-field engineers, and customers. A bespoke system designed and built with simplicity at its core for PL Taylor, an electrical service company.

Admin Staff

Office admin using the desktop display version of the system. Managing the job from initial customer contact, engineer assignment, invoicing and customer follow-ups.

PLT__Location, users and device profiles

Location, users, and device profiles.

PLT-on the road

Engineer receives job alert, details and customer location.


Engineer arrives at the customer’s location.


Engineer checks with the customer that the job details are correct, and changes the status of the tracking system.


Engineer completes the specified job.


The customer is offered to give instant feedback to the services received.


We worked extensively with the client and staff to create a proven successful strategy and digital workflow for all users.

Periscope is always at the forefront of their field and consistently deliver us solutions that surpass our expectations. They are friendly professionals and we affectionately class them as part of our team.

Steve Cargill, Director, PL Talor.


Service flow visualisation diagram.


Section C of the system’s flowchart.

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