Language Learning Game

BAFTA Nominated

Designed for schools wanting to teach modern foreign languages on interactive boards or individual devices.

Each language features ten fun interactive activities and has two progressive levels of difficulty to progress learning. There are also over 20 minutes of video clips highlighting key language learning points. The teachers’ section includes printable transcripts, a glossary, further printable activities, and a Class Progress Report that allows teachers to measure and monitor a class or an individual pupil’s progress. Finally, we are proud to say that Chez Mimi was nominated for a BAFTA.

Initial concept sketches and story boarding.

Final French menu screen.

Vist country menu (France).

Colour game (Spanish).

Weather forecast game (German).

Age guessing game (wireframe).

Age guessing game (Spanish).

Character design (Spanish).

In class

Beeps, whizzes and fun graphics keep children from realising they are learning something… this is well put together, easy to use and great for the whiteboard.

Suzanne Ford, Evaluator, TEEM, the independent teacher software evaluation service.

Character design (French).

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