A Hackney Autobiography

Brand Identity / Logo Design / Mobile App / Website / UX and UI

A project that has recorded the history of a unique cultural institution called Centerprise, and has created learning resources inspired by the place and its people. We designed the app and website to be sympathetic to Hackney’s creative past and its aim to put Hackney’s radical past onto the map.

Through immersive audio-tours and bite-sized sketches, the mobile app is a mix of GPS technology and old-fashioned storytelling.


Intuitive navigation help users to examine how Centerprise functioned as a co-operative, what it did and how it touched and was touched by the places around it.

Just want to say – wow, it looks great… your solution on the navigation is really elegant, thanks very much for your hard work, the app looks beautiful – it’s very exciting.

Laura Mitchison, Managing Director, On the Record.

The app content is also available online via the project’s website.

Commissioning watercolour illustrations gave the app a unique identity which followed through to the interactive GPS mapping. Illustration by Joanna Layla.

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